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  • Women in the Palestinian camp community

    Women are the magic key and the hope for a better tomorrow in the Palestinian camp community. These words are not said in order to belittle the status of men, but based on several considerations. The first of which is…

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  • unnamed

    The ABCs of the UNRWA’s Institutional Mind

    During the visit of the UNRWA Commissioner-General and his meeting with the Palestinian institutions or those operating in the Palestinian sector, the head of the Administrative Board of the Social Cultural Nashet Association presented an intervention that focused on the…

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    There are two rules governing the thinking process, to see the cup full half or to look at it as half empty. The emotional, psychological, mental, and behavioral state and its reflections will change depending on the angle from which…

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    The Palestinian utopia in Lebanon is a necessity and a need.

    The Palestinian society in Lebanon needs to recognize itself, its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and the threats it faces. But this cannot be done without engaging in a serious and deep dialogue involving all serious actors in…

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  • School

    The Educational Gap

    The matter is not limited to the repercussions of the Corona crisis on the Palestinian community in Lebanon; but it was preceded before that by the impact on education in UNRWA schools with closure due to the Lebanese popular movement…

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