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  • The Drawing Club decorates the bags with artistic drawings

    The Drawing Club at the Cultural and Social Nashet Association organized a special activity, with the aim of teaching the beneficiaries artistic skills that would enable them to explore their talents and open new horizons for livelihood. The activity was characterized by enthusiasm and creativity where the beneficiaries decorated the bags with artistic drawings, reflecting what they had learned in the previous period. This activity embodies the creative spirit of the group, enhances social cohesion among them, provides opportunities to understand the needs of the beneficiaries, and sets clear goals and appropriate strategies to meet those needs.      …

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    The drawing club draws the Palestinian keffiyeh on the roof of Bisan School

    The Drawing Club at the Cultural and Social Nashet Association organized a special activity on the anniversary of Earth Day. The activity included drawing an artistic painting displaying the famous Palestinian keffiyeh on the roof of Bisan School. A number of club members and school students participated in the activity under the supervision of the distinguished trainer Ismail Shraida. This event comes as part of ongoing efforts to preserve identity and enhance awareness of the Palestinian issue. This artistic work reflects cultural and creative solidarity with the Palestinian issue, and highlights the importance of Land Day as an annual occasion…

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  • Under the title “Today’s Reader, Tomorrow’s Leader,” Nashet Library continues its activities

    Because one of the goals of the library of Social and Cultural Nashet association is to create a child who reads, and to adopt the idea of ​​a person who is a friend of the book and create a creative and active leader with his attitudes and ideas.  

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    Nashet Library in Naqoura School

    Within the framework of raising students’ level of knowledge and skills, understanding the principles of Arabic and English, enhancing story reading and improving reading and writing skills, an integrated program was coordinated to develop story reading through a weekly visit by the library coordinator to the school Reading, and special thanks to the director of Naqoura School, Mrs. Itaf Bukaii, for the cooperation and for welcoming the idea.  

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    For a society who reads

    Under the title of encouraging students to read , Nashet Library organized a competition for students of the first grade at Al Samou School in which twenty students participated. At the end of the competition, the names of the winners were drawn into a lottery and six students won: Hamza Jalbout, Amir Miari, Saif Qatqut, Yusef Mabrouki Jamal Sharaan, and Massad Hajeer. On the sidelines of the ceremony, the coordinator of the Nashat Library, Mrs. Maryam Al-Numairi, met with the families of the participating students, where she emphasized the vital role of the parents in consolidating the importance of reading…

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