Youth Dialogue Café

Dialogue is one of the most prominent elements of democracy; its implementation as a method helps to resolve local conflicts. In addition to its ability to generate a language of understanding and mutual endorsement and help to achieve the principle of cooperation and partnership. Moreover, it acts as a platform for expressing opinions and a training framework to present views.

The Youth Dialogue Café is one of the oldest youth frameworks in the Nashet Association, as its dialogue sessions began in 2009 with funding from the Finnish Embassy and lasted for a whole year at the rate of one session each month.

The Media Dialogue Café attracted youth sectors to participate in its sessions. The Café also attracted media’s interest and written media’s interest in it which gave it space in its programs. This attention led the association to maintain it over the course of ten years of work.

The success of the Youth Dialogue Café is based on:

  • Different in form (café) from other traditional meeting frames (lecture, symposia, meetings.)
  • It addresses youth or community issues on the table.
  • There’s no lecturer.
  • The sharing space is large.
  • The democratic environment that accommodates all interventions, no matter how harsh or extreme.

Nashet Association considers that the development of the Youth Dialogue Café needs a well-equipped youth center, in addition to the importance of developing a staff capable of following up the outcome of the dialogue so that the interlocutors feel that their topics and suggestions are of interest.

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