Nashet Youth Torch Team

  • Nashet youth torch team distribute meals to the in-need fasting people

    In a humanitarian sign that embodies the values ​​of social solidarity in the holy month of Ramadan, the Nashet Torch youth team, affiliated with the Cultural and Social Nashet Association, took an initiative to distribute meals to the in-need fasting people in Ein al-Hilweh camp. It is noteworthy that this initiative comes within the association’s annual and ongoing efforts, based on cooperation between the Palestinian Kitchen “Zewadtina” in terms of donation campaigns and food preparation, and the association’s management in terms of identifying a list of names of families most in need and distributing meals to them. This annual initiative…

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  • Nashet Youth Torch Team welcomes the holy month

    As part of the preparations of the Nashet Youth Torch Team to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, the team made distinguished efforts to decorate the street adjacent to the association’s headquarters, as an expression of their joy at the arrival of the holy month. The team’s volunteer efforts began at the beginning of last week, and the initiative was greatly appreciated by neighboring residents and members of the association. As one of the team members expressed, “This initiative is part of a series of activities, through which the team will seek to strengthen the community spirit and bonding among…

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  • The Youth Cultural Forum organized its first evening this year

    The Youth Cultural Forum in the Nashet Torch team affiliated with the Cultural and Social Nashet Association, organized its first evening this year, at Café Leen, in the presence of a number of Palestinian poets and artists. The forum began its program by presenting various poems written by the team members, which received great admiration from the attendees, and highlighted the amount of effort expended in the previous period in terms of preparation, planning and training that the team had worked on. The association’s Dabke band also added its mark by dancing to relevant Palestinian songs. The youth team coordinator…

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  • the Nashet Torch Youth Team takes the initiative to clean the return ship

    With an inspiring youth initiative, the Nashet Torch Youth Team, through voluntary efforts, cleaned the return ship, which expresses the symbolism of the return to Palestine, and which was built by Nashet Association in 2011. These young people embodied the spirit of giving and preserving identity and land by working hard to clean this symbol that expresses the Palestinian people’s constant thought to return to their land. This initiative comes within the framework of a series of volunteer activities carried out by young people in Ein al-Hilweh camp and outside it, with the aim of enhancing belonging and community participation…

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    Nashet Youth Tourch Team provides a helping hand to the camp residents

    Nashet’s Youth Torch Team, affiliated with Cultural and Social Nashet Association, organized an activity to help the camp residents, through a distinguished humanitarian initiative, by delivering their belongings from the market to their homes, with dedication and a high volunteer spirit. This activity, in which dozens of young people participated, is part of a variety of activities planned to be implemented during the current month, according to the plan prepared by the team. This activity included many pre-organizational and implementation stages, including planning, coordinating efforts, and implementing the necessary steps to ensure the success of the activity and achieve its…

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