Palestine Girls Club (PGC)

Founded in 2009 with the support of The Geneva Call, the idea was to create a safe place for girls aged 8-17, provide a range of programs that are part of psychosocial and educational support, build skills, and enhance personal abilities.

Starting in 2010, the club was supported mainly by Bread for the World (BROT), allowing the club to develop the center to accommodate as many girls as possible. 

The project’s plan was based on a basic framework that provides educational support, under the supervision of a team of professors for basic scientific subjects, sports clubs, culture, and art, as well as psychosocial support activities and recreational activities.

To achieve results, the Association has worked to achieve a kind of networking between children’s schools (ONRO), their families, and the management of the Palestine Girls Club, enabling it to supervise the psychological and social conditions of children and monitor the obstacles affecting school performance.

The club has its department consisting of a coordinator, social worker, and psychologist, as well as a team of professors, trainers, and a team of volunteers who help implement the programs.

As a result of the positive results at the educational, cultural, athletic, and artistic levels, the club has become an attractive framework for families so that the number of children grows from one worker to another. Although its establishment was limited to girls, later the club was forced to accept male affiliation so that the club became children of girls and males.

To achieve results in the medium and long term, the club’s management has been interested in achieving greater stability of the members, leading to the contribution to the education of children along with parents, which can be inferred from the fact that some of the students and associates became members of the youth team, and some of them took on tasks within the association.

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