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    Round table about ” Taking care of Youth in the Palestinian Society “

    Under their title of ” Taking care of Youth in the Palestinian Society “, Nashet Youth Flame Team organized round table with the participation of a group of representatives from political and social frameworks and a remarkable presence of youth. The journalist Bilal Hijazi managed the session where he made an intervention about the definition of youth and especially the Palestinian youth, after that he talked about the youth role in the society, and affirmed that youth are the most effective in society and they are the ones who makes the change through development and claim. The session included interventions…

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    Round table on educational gap

    Under the title of the educational gap and within a campaign launched by Social and Cultural Nashet association that aims to crystallize the awareness about the educational gap and the damages resulting from the repercussions of the Corona crisis and other Crises, Nashet Youth Flame Team organized a round table with the participation of representatives of the political, social, and popular frameworks with a remarkable presence of youth and the participation of Dr. Anis Al-Hroub, Doctor of Psychology and Special Education at the American University, and the researcher Marie Kurtam. The session was moderated by the activist Professor Manal Kurtam,…

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  • The First Cultural Meeting in Ain El- Hilweh

    As an intiative from Nashet Cultural and social Association and the Human Development center in Ain El- Hilweh camp, a broad dialogue session was set up to discuss the cultural situations in the camp and then to indicate the conclusion and the tangible suggestions to up rise the cultural work, the session was arranged in  Nashet Association hall, Sunday noon December 28th-2013. The meeting was a Hended by tens Cultural and social elite in Ain El- Hilweh. The dialogue session was opened by a word from Mr. “Zafer A Khateib” the director of Nashet Association in Lebanon, who spoke in…

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