Women Cooperative Societies (WCS)

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    Zewadetna continue its distributions during the holy month

    Women’s cooperatives “Zewadetna” continued through the employment campaign, to provide dozens of meals to needy families during the days of the blessed month of Ramadan under the title “Together We Support ourselves ”. These distributions come according to the Ramadan contributions that cover feeding a number of same and different families throughout the holy month. It is worth noting that the employment campaign always seeks to find job opportunities to employ Palestinian women, in order to reduce the burden of living that we are witnessing today in the Palestinian camps, as it employs more than five women trained in preparing…

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    ” Zewadetna ” … a sign of hope, hoping that it may change reality for the better

    Thoraya Hasan – Al Liwaa Newspaper Mother’s Day this year is different from previous years with all its details .. as there is no longer joy in homes with his arrival .. there are many who lost their mothers .. others have lost so that they were born because 56 of the Corona pandemic .. And there are those who are no longer able to buy bread. To feed his children … in light of the fatal economic crisis and the insane rise in food prices … so how if he seeks to buy a rose on Mother’s Day ……

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    Zewadetna successfully continues the “employment” campaign

    The “employment “campaign in the Palestinian Kitchen (Zewadetna) continues its activities to collect contributions from Lebanese and Palestinian community actors for the fifth consecutive month to employ several Palestinian women to alleviate the burdens of the financial and economic crisis and the repercussions of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The “Employment” campaign was launched in August 2020, emphasizing the principle of social solidarity through Palestinian women’s support and enabling them to work daily in the Palestinian kitchen. The campaign was based on the contribution by purchasing food meals provided to needy families, and at the same time, securing a monthly…

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    Palestinian women’s cooperatives create job opportunities for Palestinian women

    Since the founding of the Social and Cultural Nashet Association, it has consistently achieved social development in the camps, especially in Saida camps, “Ein El Helwieh and Miye and Miye.” Women Cooperatives were founded in 2016, and the idea, from the beginning, aimed to achieve tangible empowerment based on training and create real job opportunities for Palestinian Women in Camps. This notion is essential to establish the principle of real development based on the opportunity for production. The Women’s Cooperatives opened “Zewadetna kitchen,” which is specialized in the food and catering industry, equipped with industrial machinery and equipment that enables…

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  • Zawadatna Kitchen continues to distribute hot meals in Ein El-Helweh

    The “Zawadatna” kitchen of Nashet Association’s women cooperatives continued distributing hot meals to the most needy families in Ein El-Helweh camp as part of the campaign to employ Palestinian women in Zwadatna. It is noteworthy that this campaign aims to employ a number of Palestinian women who are mainly breadwinners for their families in preparing hot dishes that reach the doors of the homes of needy families for seven months, relying mainly on individual contributions. It is noteworthy that the campaign for the employment of Palestinian women provides a job opportunity for women who have previously undergone comprehensive training in…

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