Women Cooperative Societies (WCS)

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    zewedetna participates in a charitable activity to support Gaza

    The Palestinian Kitchen, “Zewadetna,” participated in the charitable activity, which was organized by the Reaya Association under the title “Light from Gaza.” The activity included entertainment and awareness segments about the customs, heritage, and traditions of the people of Palestine. The kitchen participated with a number of Palestinian traditional foods and sweets, such as Jerusalem cakes, Al-Qudra Al-Khaliliyya, Palestinian musakhan and peasant thyme dough. In this context, the kitchen management stressed that all proceeds from the event are allocated to support the children of Gaza, with the aim of alleviating the burden on them, and providing the necessary and obligatory…

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  • Women in the Palestinian camp community

    Women are the magic key and the hope for a better tomorrow in the Palestinian camp community. These words are not said in order to belittle the status of men, but based on several considerations. The first of which is the fact that a woman represents a societal force that is not activated as it should be. She now represents a numerical majority, not to mention that she bears a great burden in the face of the harsh conditions under which society is languishing. Everyone who lives or follows the daily life of Palestinian society and its movement to secure…

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  • An amazing attempt to renew the traditions of Palestinian cuisine

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  • “Zewadetna” finished a course in the art of cooking

    “Zewadetna” kitchen finished a cooking course under the supervision of Chef Suleiman Khawand in Sidon, where 10 women participated in the course, who underwent a theoretical training course, then a practical training course on different types of eastern and western dishes.  

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    Women’s cooperatives start their new training courses

    Women’s cooperatives (Zawadetna) started a series of training courses for dozens of women with the aim of empowering them economically and giving them the opportunity to work in the Palestinian kitchen (Zawadetna). The traditional Palestinian dish to preserve the Palestinian heritage. In this context, a meeting was organized in an Nashet association under the supervision of the development coordinator in the association and the supervising team to explain the course objectives and program and the importance of adhering to them. It is worth mentioning that our Zawatena kitchen was able, during four years of work, to produce dozens of types…

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