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Women in the Palestinian camp community

Women are the magic key and the hope for a better tomorrow in the Palestinian camp community. These words are not said in order to belittle the status of men, but based on several considerations. The first of which is the fact that a woman represents a societal force that is not activated as it should be. She now represents a numerical majority, not to mention that she bears a great burden in the face of the harsh conditions under which society is languishing. Everyone who lives or follows the daily life of Palestinian society and its movement to secure its needs can sense this, and the observing eye can be aware of the fact of the high percentage of women in education and those working in civil society institutions. Yes, there is the initiative to work in the field of private projects, especially those that do not require large capitals. It is possible to use the movement of development projects that have witnessed reasonable activity in Palestinian society, specifically in the field of agriculture (tent farming) and the food industry, where interest has emerged. She saw the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, but these skills did not remain at home, but were used to improve the quality of life. These examples, some of which were highlighted in previous years, confirm that hoping for what is better is possible, but only when we believe more in the saying, “Don’t give me fish, but teach me how to catch them,” Hope here is based on women’s participation which requires encouraging and supporting her to stand next to the man side by side for a stronger community.

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