Alnawras Cultural Evening

A space for intellectuals (writers, poets, researchers, media) or those interested in cultural work whose goal is to achieve cultural interaction under the roof of Palestinian culture as an essential part of the palestinian identity. They work based on creating Palestinian cultural dynamics that seek to build a Palestinian cultural movement that contributes to the protection of the Palestinian presence. Its motto is towards an inclusive Palestinian cultural movement.

Founded in 2012, the Nawras Cultural Evening introduced itself as a free and independent literary salon in the Palestinian cultural space. It worked from the beginning not to turn into a cultural framework based on its members’ understanding of the Palestinian reality and its sensitivities, and avoided allowing the evening to enter the political discussion line in order to specialize only in addressing related cultural topics, and to work away from Palestinian calculations and sensitivities.

Despite the difficult circumstances that Lebanon has experienced in general and its implications for the Palestinian society, and despite the obstacles that prevent or negatively affect cultural activity, the evening sought to continue and develop. Therefore, the evening organized several cultural festivals and celebrations in addition to adopting the signature of books for several its members and organizing cultural evenings and seminars.

The Nawras Cultural Evening is also characterized by the lack of an administrative structure (director, coordinator, administrative body), as it launches its ideas and organizes its work based on consultation between all its members.

The Nawras Cultural Evening has received special media attention from official and unofficial Palestinian satellite channels, as well as the attention of the written and read media and news networks through social media, which have gained a cultural identity and reputation in Lebanon and at the Palestinian level.

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