Nashet Youth Torch Team

Nashet Association works to develop its activities based on permanent programs and not just activities of projects depending on available funding. Each program is linked to a social group (youth, women, children, etc.) which is transformed into an institutional framework that has its bodies and programs.  The association’s desire is to maintain its active legacy within the framework of youth and students in their embryonic stage; it has worked to frame the youth work within Nashet Youth Torch Team.

Nashet Youth Torch Team was established in 2011 including a group of volunteers from Nashet Association.

The foundation process was based on or under the guidance of several objectives:

  • Highlighting youth issues as a marginalized social group that is far from participating in public life
  • Activating the positive youth role in public issues of interest to society
  • Activating the positive youth role towards youth issues and demands
  • Organizing environmental, social, relief, and youth campaigns
  • Participating in Nashet’s diverse activities as volunteers.

During a decade, the team carried out many activities in the aforementioned areas, so it is considered one of the permanent effective youth frameworks. The important thing in these activities is that most of them were implemented with youth planning and initiative, which confirms the relative independence that the team enjoys in planning and implementation.

The team is subject to permanent courses (leadership skills, planning, communication, conflict resolution…). It is also subject to a process of permanent democratic change, in addition to supervising the activities of the Youth Dialogue Café and its contribution to the organization of various cultural festivals.

According to Nashet Association, work in the youth field is of a high importance and has a specific need for care and basic components.  Thus, one of the priorities of the association is to implement a youth center project equipped with all the equipment which qualifies young people to carry out socio-cultural, artistic and sports activities. This work needs support that is not available in the current period.

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