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    The love barrier of “Nashet Scout” in Ein El-Helweh camp

    On the occasion of the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, the scouts of “Jeel Al-Awda Regiment” set up a barrier on Al-Fawqani Street near Al-Samou school, where members of the regiment distributed paper scraps and sweets to the passers-by. On this occasion, Nashet Association extends its warm congratulations to our Palestinian people and the Islamic nation on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, may God return it to our people and nation in Yemen and the blessings and blessings of our people.  

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    Ramadan scouting activity for Jeal Al Awda Regimemt

    Nashet scouts ” Jeal Al-Awda Regiment”  made handicrafts that simulate the blessed month of Ramadan. Dozens of scouters from all scouting Levels attended the activity on Friday 16 March 2021. The scouters were greeted with Ramadan chants to enhance the Ramadan atmosphere during the activity, and in the end, the scouts decorated the center with the handicrafts they had made.  

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    Nashet scout revived Land day

    Nashet scout, Jeal Al Awda Regiment revived Land day on Friday 2 April 2021. It’s day started with a brainstorming for the scouters about the land day and its occurence events, then narrating the events of March 1976 to consolidate the adherence to the Palestinian identity and cause. The Scout day ended with scout activities, shows (singing, acting, dabki and foloklor), national and popular songs. The scout leaders goodbyed scouters with the Scouting promise which stresses on exerting efforts towards God then the homeland and working upon the Scout law.  

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    Nashet scout organizes a qualifying training

    Jeal Al Awda Regimemt in Nashet scout with the participation of the Arab Scout Association organized a qualifying training under the title of Scout Movement Principles, Community Mobilization, and Environmental Concerns on Friday, 26 March, 2021. The training course was attended by the Scout Honor Council and a number of leaders, as a part of trainings series adopted by Jeal Al-Awda Group to develop and qualify Scout leaders.  

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    Nashet scout distributed masks and health tips in Ein El Helwieh Camp

    After the increase of the number of Covid-19 cases in Ein El Helwieh Camp, Jeal Al Awda Regimemt of Nashet scouts organized an awareness checkpoints at the entrances of the camp. This checkpoint was for educating and warning people of the risk of this virus that is still killing societies, and informing them that fighting it is by taking prevention measures, wearing masks, and social distancing. The scouters distributed upon the entrances of the camp with all preventive supplies. They set up a checkpoint to distribute leaflets and masks to pedestrians and cars, along with providing health instructions in order…

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