Planting Rooftops

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    In the good crop “the one who plant ; will harvest”

    The field supervision team in the organic urban green houses project in Ein El-Helweh and Rashidiya camp continued its daily roof visits of agricultural tents in order to determine the progress of agriculture and agricultural crops, and to follow up the farmers in terms of their commitment to the necessary standards for organic agricultural production, and the coordinator Hanan expressed her satisfaction with the progress of work in the project despite all the difficulties the camp experiences, She noted that the current season relied on seedlings produced by the project’s nursery, the growth of crops, the start of the harvest…

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    Rooftop garden’s and External crops

    The agricultural development work program in Social and Cultural Nashet Association continues to implement its plan for this year despite the conditions in the Palestinian camps, in order to emphasize the importance of health, food and environmental security. It is worth noting that the work team developed a plan to enhance crops in quantity and quality by investing the available places, and accordingly, more families were allowed to benefit from external agriculture, especially since there are families who cannot set up an agricultural tent on the roofs of their homes due to the narrow and small surface area. The working…

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  • Rooftops project at Nashet visiting the people’s committee

    A delegation from the food security and economic empowerment project. Organic farming on the rooftops of Nashet association visited the People’s committee headquarters in Ein El Helwieh camp, they were welcomed by the secretary of the people’s committee Mr. Jamal Al Safadi.  The delegation provided a full explanation of the project’s objectives represented in enabling the widest number of women and camp residents to possess information, experience and capabilities to practice agriculture in order to secure family self-sufficiency from needs leading to abundance and trade exchange to increase income. The delegation also emphasized that spreading agricultural culture and raising the…

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  • The crops have invaded the green roofs, making them more aesthetically pleasing and adorned with fruits

    A month and a few days after the start of the current season’s planting in the project. Organic farming on the roofs of houses in the Socio-Cultural Nashet Association. Funded by Medico International which gave a green aesthetic on the roofs of fifty homes in Ein El-Helwieh camp. Cucumbers and sweet peppers have started ripening to increase the beauty of the scene and decorate it with the abundance of promised production to contribute to alleviating the suffocating economic crisis on the shoulders of the beneficiaries. What draws attention is the growth of seedlings, the speed of ripening of fruits, and…

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  • Increasing agricultural knowledge and information for the beneficiaries Abundant yields and improvement in quality

    The beneficiaries of The Food Security and Economic Empowerment project continue organic farming on rooftops in Nashet Social and Cultural Association. They also undergo periodic training workshops dedicated to increasing knowledge and information about the origins of seasonal agriculture and caring for it. As a result of the emergency health conditions, the beneficiaries have been divided into groups. Each one receives an integrated training course in several periodic sessions deals with the behavior of plants and their needs accurately and in detail…each one separately.. and how to deal with it and secure its requirements properly. Irrigation system in terms of…

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