Planting Rooftops

  • The rooftop agricultural project achieved remarkable success in producing cucumbers

    The rooftop agricultural project in Ein al-Hilweh camp achieved remarkable success in producing cucumbers in large quantities and of high quality, as the beneficiary women were able to collect approximately 5 kilograms per day from their agricultural tents. This great achievement reflects the serious efforts and perseverance of the women who benefited from this project, as well as their ability to innovate and adapt to the surrounding conditions and take advantage of small spaces on roofs to obtain chemical free organic production. This achievement also comes as a result of continuous work and efforts exerted by the work team to…

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  • A new season of cucumber fruit cultivation has begun

    The agricultural project at the “Cultural and Social Nashet Association” organized a group of lectures for the beneficiary women, which lasted for two weeks, in the presence of a large number of them, as evidence of the interest that each of the women has in agriculture, and their enthusiasm to begin preparations for a new season of cucumber fruit cultivation. The workshops included information about growing this fruit, what diseases the seedlings may be exposed to during the agricultural process, and how to deal with and treat them. The lectures were followed by the distribution of seedlings to the beneficiaries,…

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  • In the shade of the tents, the dreams of the women and families of Camp 48 grow

    The wonderful result of the tomato fruit growing season, which exceeded the maximum of 100 kilograms per family, reflected the renewed and instilled hope that the “Nashet Association” created, through the agricultural project, within the lives of every family since the year 2018. In the depths of the square tents, women store the agricultural project of their dreams, certain that the care and perseverance inside the tent gave them a new narrative for their lives. The beneficiaries rose inside their tents to new levels of creativity and optimism, and began planting seedlings of hope in every corner of their roofs,…

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    Happiness appears on the rooftops of the camp

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  • Women in the Palestinian camp community

    Women are the magic key and the hope for a better tomorrow in the Palestinian camp community. These words are not said in order to belittle the status of men, but based on several considerations. The first of which is the fact that a woman represents a societal force that is not activated as it should be. She now represents a numerical majority, not to mention that she bears a great burden in the face of the harsh conditions under which society is languishing. Everyone who lives or follows the daily life of Palestinian society and its movement to secure…

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