Nashet Library

The Social and Cultural Nashet Association was interested in reading as the main pillar of awareness, so it sought to provide its center with a library hall for children (8-17). The library is equipped with 2,500 titles including children’s stories, scientific books, and language dictionaries.

The existence of the library itself is essential for reading, but there are many factories that contributed to the lack of focus on reading.  This includes, the domination of modern technological means, the high price of books, the control of social patterns of entertainment, economic and social conditions, the instability of state security, lack of interest in cultural work at the Palestinian level, and the concern of parents to secure the basic needs of the family. All of this has led to a lack of interest in the book and subsequently reading.

Since reading is an essential element in community education linked to socialization, and on the basis that reading depends on familiarity from a young age, the association has made sure that the library adopted the methodology of habit (creating habit) through means attractive to children.

The library has a team of library coordinators and a team of volunteers organizing its work based on a programme that combines supervision of reading, storytelling, and filming within the library hall. They also organize activities for children in the neighborhoods.

Despite the successes achieved by the team, the library suffers from a lack of resources allocated to the library which would allow the library to be updated by providing it with new addresses. This is one of the difficulties suffered by the association due to the tendency of funders to support and fund different addresses. Thus, the association aspires to secure funders interested in culture and libraries.

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