Nashet Scout

The Nashet Scout Regiment was established in 2017 to accommodate the children’s inclination for movement and performance. The establishment process included training courses for girls aged 16-26 and was supervised by Lebanese and Palestinian scout teams with experience in scouting work. This training allowed the formation of the Scout Leadership Council, which in turn undertook the training of more than 75 affiliates. The affiliates were divided into traditional scout classifications (leaders, guides, rovers, cubs, flowers).

In 2019, the Scout Regiment became part of the Palestinian Scout Movement (Palestinian Scout Foundation) and participated in its 2019 conference.

The scout regiment consists of:

  • Leaders
  • Guides
  • Roamers
  • Cubs
  • Flowers
  • Rhythm Band
  • Djerba Squad
  • Karate Band

The Scouts have their annual plan where they carry out their community and scouting activities throughout the year. The annual scout camp is considered one of the most prominent scouting events. In addition, they participate in university scouting activities with lebanese and Palestinian teams, groups, and scout regiments.

What makes the Nashet Scout Regiment unique is that most of its members are girls, which locates it in the gender equality field. All the members of the Scout Leadership Council are female, which makes the scout framework a laboratory for the manufacture of women leaders able to engage in public life in all its forms.

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