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In the shade of the tents, the dreams of the women and families of Camp 48 grow

The wonderful result of the tomato fruit growing season, which exceeded the maximum of 100 kilograms per family, reflected the renewed and instilled hope that the “Nashet Association” created, through the agricultural project, within the lives of every family since the year 2018. In the depths of the square tents, women store the agricultural project of their dreams, certain that the care and perseverance inside the tent gave them a new narrative for their lives. The beneficiaries rose inside their tents to new levels of creativity and optimism, and began planting seedlings of hope in every corner of their roofs, stressing that, just as the tents protected the seedlings from the storms of the winter season In the past, it protected them from the effects of their usual life difficulties, to lead a life full of achievement and agricultural progress. From within each tent, the women’s children inherit hope for a better tomorrow, and they exchange stories of the determination and challenge that every Palestinian family in the camp possesses, which is waiting for that opportunity from Nashet to knock on their door, to obtain an agricultural tent on their roof, to live a unique experience like the one. It is lived by those who own a “tent”. To obtain healthy food, completely free of any of the chemicals found largely in market vegetables and fruits. The quantity produced for each family in each season is evidence of the potential and opportunity available for expansion and development, whether by increasing the agricultural area, by including a new number of surfaces and cultivating them, or adopting new and advanced techniques to improve and correct the work. This is based on the extensive and accumulated experience of an association whose members are active in managing such projects. In addition to the possibility that this agricultural project will be an important model for other sustainable projects in Ein al-Hilweh, if any, which will also enhance and consolidate, in a greater way, awareness of the importance of urban agriculture and the role of women and the Palestinian family in it.

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