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The Palestinian Girls and Boys Club opened its summer camp for the year 2024

The Palestinian Girls and Boys Club, affiliated with the Cultural and Social Nashet Association, opened its summer camp for the year 2024 on an exceptional and special trip to the Awali River. Hundreds of people who belong to the various programs in the association, including the women’s body and the Flame team, and Youth activist and beneficiaries, male and female, participated in this trip where they enjoyed a unique experience like all the past 14 years. It included a group of cultural and recreational activities in addition to swimming. It is worth noting the presence of a number of Mothers who are members of the Women’s Body with their children. They are members who have participated in the same summer programs in the past years in the association’s summer programs, but at a young age and in their capacity as club members.

The trip included various performances of Palestinian Dabke and singing, in addition to poetry recitals related to the Palestinian heritage. The trip was also characterized by an atmosphere full of social cohesion, which gave it a special character of enthusiasm and cooperation.

This activity is the first of a series of activities organized by the summer program for the year 2024, which aims to strengthen cultural identity, deepen social ties between affiliated individuals, and provide them with many skills. It is worth noting that the program will continue to provide a variety of educational and recreational activities and opportunities during the summer at its center in Ain al-Hilweh camp, and outside it, with the aim of enhancing the participants’ participation in community activities.

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