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  • The Drawing Club decorates the bags with artistic drawings

    The Drawing Club at the Cultural and Social Nashet Association organized a special activity, with the aim of teaching the beneficiaries artistic skills that would enable them to explore their talents and open new horizons for livelihood. The activity was characterized by enthusiasm and creativity where the beneficiaries decorated the bags with artistic drawings, reflecting what they had learned in the previous period. This activity embodies the creative spirit of the group, enhances social cohesion among them, provides opportunities to understand the needs of the beneficiaries, and sets clear goals and appropriate strategies to meet those needs.      …

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  • A new series of scouting training for the scouts

    The “Generation of Return Regiment” Scouts, affiliated with the Cultural and Social Nashet Association, organized a new series of distinguished training events for the scouts affiliated with it. These events included a comprehensive set of activities aimed at developing Life and leadership skills for scouts, including teaching the types of scout whistles and the vanguard system. The weekly training program is characterized by its diversity, and the training is supervised by qualified leaders in the field of scouting, which ensures the provision of enjoyable and effective educational experiences for scouts.    

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  • The rooftop agricultural project achieved remarkable success in producing cucumbers

    The rooftop agricultural project in Ein al-Hilweh camp achieved remarkable success in producing cucumbers in large quantities and of high quality, as the beneficiary women were able to collect approximately 5 kilograms per day from their agricultural tents. This great achievement reflects the serious efforts and perseverance of the women who benefited from this project, as well as their ability to innovate and adapt to the surrounding conditions and take advantage of small spaces on roofs to obtain chemical free organic production. This achievement also comes as a result of continuous work and efforts exerted by the work team to…

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    Nashet honors employee “layal siddiq” through a farewell and honorary session

    The Cultural and Social Nashet Association honored one of its distinguished female employees, who had a volunteer and professional career that lasted more than 15 years, through a farewell and honorary session in the presence of the Chairman of the Administrative Board, the Executive Director, and a number of employees, and the participation of the Scout Authority for the Generation of Return Regiment. The honored employee, Layal Al-Siddiq, was distinguished by her dedication and commitment to her work, as she began her career in the association as a member of the Palestine Girls Club since the year 2008. She participated…

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    Nashet scout celebrates” laylat al qadr”

    The Generation of Return Scout Regiment, affiliated with the Cultural and Social Nashet Association, participated in a massive march on the occasion of the blessed Night of Destiny, as part of the “Sidon Ramadan City” activities. The march moved through the streets of the city among crowds of citizens, during which Scout flags and banners bearing Quranic verses were raised, in addition to displaying models inspired by the blessed night and the holy month. The march carried a symbolic message for the city of Sidon, with the participation of all the scout associations present in the city and the neighbourhood.…

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