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An amazing attempt to renew the traditions of Palestinian cuisine

In an amazing attempt to renew the traditions of Palestinian cuisine, the Palestinian Kitchen, “Zewadetna,” prepares a new look for the Jerusalem cake, known for its elegance and wonderful taste. This cake, which the kitchen has been preparing since 2006, was the result of training by a chef from inside Palestine to prepare it. He inherited the method of preparation from his fathers and grandfathers, and passed it on to Palestinian women in Lebanon in our neighborhood via Skype. Jerusalem cake is considered a traditional Palestinian heritage, which occupies a special place in the local heritage. The chefs at Zewadetna strive to add new touches that make this cake a masterpiece. The head of the kitchen announced the new transformation of the Jerusalem cake, noting the preservation of the old shape of the cake. This step came out of creativity and change.

This move is considered an impressive addition to the Palestinian food heritage where originality and creativity are brought together in a way that catches attention and encourages the exploration of Palestinian cuisine.

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