Round Table

The First Cultural Meeting in Ain El- Hilweh

As an intiative from Nashet Cultural and social Association and the Human Development center in Ain El- Hilweh camp, a broad dialogue session was set up to discuss the cultural situations in the camp and then to indicate the conclusion and the tangible suggestions to up rise the cultural work, the session was arranged in  Nashet Association hall, Sunday noon December 28th-2013.

The meeting was a Hended by tens Cultural and social elite in Ain El- Hilweh. The dialogue session was opened by a word from Mr. “Zafer A Khateib” the director of Nashet Association in Lebanon, who spoke in the name of the two auspices associations. The dialogue meeting was run by Mr. “Mohammed Bahloul”- The coordinator of Human Development center in south Lebanon.

The twenty three interventions which were introduced in the session concentrated on the said topic that led to important conclusion and suggestions. The most important one was focusing on the necessity of forming a preparatory committee for the first cultural forum in the camp. This suggestion was transferred to the coordination committee between Nashet Association and Human Development center in order to start the active steps for implementing the suggestion.


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