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Round table on educational gap

Under the title of the educational gap and within a campaign launched by Social and Cultural Nashet association that aims to crystallize the awareness about the educational gap and the damages resulting from the repercussions of the Corona crisis and other Crises, Nashet Youth Flame Team organized a round table with the participation of representatives of the political, social, and popular frameworks with a remarkable presence of youth and the participation of Dr. Anis Al-Hroub, Doctor of Psychology and Special Education at the American University, and the researcher Marie Kurtam.

The session was moderated by the activist Professor Manal Kurtam, where she presented an intervention on the importance of the title and the importance of coming up with proposals that help to get out of the crisis and the need to face the challenges imposed by reality and its circumstances. And the importance of transforming risks into tangible opportunities. Participants pointed out on the importance of the role played by parent councils and educational councils, and the importance of the coordination between all frameworks in order to face challenges.


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