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Round table about ” Taking care of Youth in the Palestinian Society “

Under their title of ” Taking care of Youth in the Palestinian Society “, Nashet Youth Flame Team organized round table with the participation of a group of representatives from political and social frameworks and a remarkable presence of youth.

The journalist Bilal Hijazi managed the session where he made an intervention about the definition of youth and especially the Palestinian youth, after that he talked about the youth role in the society, and affirmed that youth are the most effective in society and they are the ones who makes the change through development and claim.

The session included interventions from participants cantered on the reality of Palestinian youth and the main problems they face , who has an interest in marginalising the role of Youth, the Zionist enemy has an interest in this, and the responsible parties in the camp are the responsible for taking care of youth, also parents since they are the ones who work on improving their children’s skills and abilities or marginalising them.

It was confirmed that there are parties who  exploit young people, and there is pressure on youth, and absence of freedom and expressing opinions without fear or hesitate. Also, talents inside camps are marginalised and few of us knows who are talented.

The participants stressed on the importance of creating a role in which the individual starts from himself then to the society, especially youth who are the revolution in the society and they can make a change and they are the fruit of the future.

After that they talked about working to know the interest of youth and how to find out solutions through putting a plan and there is a significant role for associations moreover confirming the importance of the presence of youth and the responsible group.


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