Nashet Library

For a society who reads

Under the title of encouraging students to read , Nashet Library organized a competition for students of the first grade at Al Samou School in which twenty students participated. At the end of the competition, the names of the winners were drawn into a lottery and six students won: Hamza Jalbout, Amir Miari, Saif Qatqut, Yusef Mabrouki Jamal Sharaan, and Massad Hajeer.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, the coordinator of the Nashat Library, Mrs. Maryam Al-Numairi, met with the families of the participating students, where she emphasized the vital role of the parents in consolidating the importance of reading , and at the end Al-Numairi thanked the students and parents for their contribution to the success of the program. It is worth emphasizing here that Nashets’ library has prepared programs and plans aimed at spreading and popularizing reading among the new generations.


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