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There are two rules governing the thinking process, to see the cup full half or to look at it as half empty. The emotional, psychological, mental, and behavioral state and its reflections will change depending on the angle from which it is launched. If you choose the first rule (half-full), the optimistic emotional state dominates, the spirit is stimulated, and the mind is interactive. Suppose you choose the second rule (the empty half). In that case, the dominant emotional state is subject to the approach of complaint and dissatisfaction and the inability to read the possibilities and invest them at the mental and professional level, which often leads to the waste of achievements.

The Women’s Cooperatives experience came from a positive first-base (half-full) space that deals with women and their abilities to employ their skills to benefit from women’s community presence. This effort will also impact their political presence in the medium and long term, which can achieve a required balance that will help support the Palestinian refugee personality in a way that serves the future.

Zewaditna’s experience, which the Women’s Cooperative launched, was launched under an unhelpful and unsupportive environment, whether it was on the dismembered Palestinian level or the daily pressures. This reality is influenced by relying on help and charity or the pressure of the Lebanese policies biased against the Palestinians. 

Nevertheless, based on continuity, increased efficiency, and quality, our efforts were launched through openness to the Lebanese market, which must be friendly. They must employ a constructive policy to convince Palestinian actors that there is a possibility to turn the threat into an opportunity. There is a possibility to formulate a positive and productive society that advances and responds to its priorities and needs.

Our menu is full of food, sweets, jams, and pastries. It is a joy and vitality for women, a smile that overcomes injustice and poverty, marginalization, ignorance, and isolation, and emphasizes the self-confidence, abilities, and competencies that have set its goal of achieving self-sufficiency.

Today, after five years of efforts, Zeweditina is putting forward the slogan of development and expansion to spread the experience, increase the number of working women, and train others to enable them to launch their initiatives to improve income.

However, this, in turn, needs support and backup, whether through promotion or funding, and we are betting on acquiring new partners to enable it to achieve its medium- and long-term goals.

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