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The Palestinian utopia in Lebanon is a necessity and a need.

The Palestinian society in Lebanon needs to recognize itself, its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and the threats it faces. But this cannot be done without engaging in a serious and deep dialogue involving all serious actors in public life and from all social forces and groups.

However, this cannot be done without the consolidation of the principle of democracy; there is no constructive dialogue with realistic and responsible outcomes without democracy. Because the Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon needs all its members’ energy, the adoption of democracy as a governing principle for all human, social, and cultural interaction is the key to strengthening the capacity to face suffering and transform Palestinian society into a productive, effective and capable society. Otherwise, the method of justification and complaint will remain a key feature in providing answers to troubling and accumulated questions.

The Palestinian utopia is hampered by the domination of authoritarian and bureaucratic patterns supported by corruption and privileges, not to mention the dictatorship’s wretched mentalities. This is also the rift between the social forces, where they disbelieve and betray each other. Considering this, the Palestinian utopia is lost, and the refugee community descends more and more. It is democracy, you idiot.


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