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The Basketball club resumes its training

The Basketball Club continues its weekly training, as part of the “Girls of Palestine Club” program. The Cultural and Social Nashet Association always works, within its programs and activities, to enhance sports activity among young people by launching several activities and training directed to all those targeted by the association. This training aims to provide an ideal educational and training environment to develop game skills and enhance physical fitness.
The training sessions held weekly include various exercises focusing on the basic techniques of basketball, in addition to developing physical abilities and game tactics.

​ These sessions are supervised by a specialized and experienced coach in the field of basketball, which ensures the provision of effective guidance and the development of players in a comprehensive manner. This program is a wonderful opportunity for beneficiaries to discover their sports talents and improve their basketball skills, in addition to building team spirit and communication with their peers. It is expected that this program will contribute to enhancing the physical and mental health of the participants and enhancing belonging to the association and society in general. The association’s sports program and basketball team also intend to organize matches with the participation of Lebanese and Palestinian sports clubs in the near future

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