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Herd Immunity

All sources indicate a significant increase in the pandemic’s infection rate at the Palestinian level in Lebanon, especially in Sidon and Ein el-Hilweh. Suppose we calculate the figures issued by UNRWA, in addition to what can conclude from the denial of infection, the absurd handling of its symptoms, and the lack of a PCR examination. In that case, we can conclude that the actual number of casualties at the Palestinian level in the Sidon area far exceeds what is stated.

This may seem normal given the lack of commitment to closure, isolation, wearing marks, and social distance. This has brought society to a crossroads, or an inevitable state, we are here with minimal options:

  1. Imposing a comprehensive closure and isolating infected cases is almost impossible given the absence of an executive authority imposed by law, in addition to the lack of community interest in a Protection Force to impose a complete closure. It needs a humanitarian intervention plan that supports staying at home.
  2. Recognizing the state of herd immunity is unpalatable and even unacceptable given that the Palestinian camp is not an island that is cut off but is subject to Lebanese sovereignty and what its official institutions decide.  
  3. To speed up the provision of vaccines entrusted to UNRWA, supported by a movement of the Palestinian Embassy towards the countries producing vaccines + the European Union…

It is said that there is a new methodology based on simplifying objectives and expectations. If it is impossible to impose a comprehensive closure, is it possible to impose masks, social distancing, and sterilization as individual alternatives? 

Can this be imposed with the support of national security and with a serious orientation by Palestinian authorities, popular committees, and active living committees? 

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