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Social development

Social development and economic empowerment based on (do not give me fish, but teach me how to catch fish), is the only way to recover from the repercussion of historical formation of Palestinian issue in Lebanon.

It is not a call to forget the main reasons (national and political reason that go back to the beginnings). What we need is a new theory, methodology, new approach to be addressed of dealing with needs and priorities.

And before this and that, a real adaption rooted deeply in the mentality of individuals, families, political and social forces.

And before this, the mentality of Palestinian to be changed, to go through an active movement, to discover the availability of Palestinian resources, recycling and investing it in the way that can serve popular issues (poverty and sever poverty, unemployment, declining educational attainment, declining in the ability to learn, demographic deformation in the structure of Palestinian society, immigration and its negative impacts of the structure of society, unskilled labours, surge in child labour. Etc), and many problems alike.

However, this new trend of thinking and action requires a new kind of leadership, requires enthusiastic men able to work under pressure and difficult circumstances, requires strategic and convincing figures.

There are many successful developmental experiences that deserve support plus study, Ideas that adapted empowerment and employment, such as women cooperative society and rooftop gardening. These ideas transferred from the realm of imagination, theorizing to tangible reality and deserve studying, support and finally generalized.


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