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The Youth dialogue Café holds a session under the title “Domestic Violence and Methods of Dealing with It”

At the invitation of Nashet Youth flame Team of Social and Cultural Nashet Association, the youth dialogue Cafe held a meeting under the title of “Family Violence and Ways to Deal with It”, where the dialogue was moderated by the Executive Director of the association, Youmna Halima, with the participation of a group of young men and women from the camp and the neighborhood. The session initially focused on the concept of violence in general, and then domestic violence, and shed light on those types that target all age groups, and their impact on the local community, then the types of violence and types of family were discussed.

Halima pointed out to the most important reasons that generate family violence, including distrust between family members, customs and traditions, transferring anger from outside the home and emptying it inside, neglect, poor companionship and many reasons, showing how to deal in the present and future with forms of violence.




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