Planting Rooftops

Invitation of a price Quote

Within the framework of the Economic Empowerment and Food Security Project (Green Roofs)
Meeting the economic and agricultural needs of families in Ain El-Helweh camp, funded by the BMZ under the supervision of the Medico IM Foundation and implemented by the Nashet Cultural Social Association.
The Nashet Social and Cultural Association announces the invitation of a price quote for the supply and installation of agricultural tents on the roofs.
For more information, please email us at [email protected].
Phone number 70831908.
Those wishing to participate in the aforementioned offer who are highly qualified and experienced in supplying the required needs must receive the bid forms starting from the date of February 15, 2022 until March 05, 2022.
Notes on the supplier submit a tax invoice.
The company is not bound by the lowest prices.
The envelopes of offers shall be delivered closed and sealed at the headquarters of the association on the deadline 10/03/2022.
The supplier must attach official tables and invoices with the specifications of the materials.

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