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The Youth dialogue Cafe holds a session entitled “Self-discovery”

At the invitation of the Nashet Youth flame Team that is related to Social and Cultural Nashet Association, the youth dialogue café held a meeting under the title “Self-discovery”, where the meeting was moderated by the coach Walid Taha, with the participation of a number of young men and women from Ain El-Hilweh camp and the neighborhood. The session focused on introducing each person to himself, then moving on to what is the meaning or what is self-discovery?
During the meeting, several points were discussed, the most important are: discovering myself, self-confidence, developing confidence, discovering talents, my true personality, self-discovery internally and externally, discovering the strength in the human body.

Self-discovery requires you to be active and striving, and fear is a person’s feeling. The factors that reduce trust in a person were also presented: bullying, racism, frustration, role abolition, discrimination, laziness, bad speech, isolation, and parental speech. The meeting included activities to convey the idea of ​​self-discovery and confidence.




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