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Zewadetna continue its distributions during the holy month

Women’s cooperatives “Zewadetna” continued through the employment campaign, to provide dozens of meals to needy families during the days of the blessed month of Ramadan under the title “Together We Support ourselves ”. These distributions come according to the Ramadan contributions that cover feeding a number of same and different families throughout the holy month.

It is worth noting that the employment campaign always seeks to find job opportunities to employ Palestinian women, in order to reduce the burden of living that we are witnessing today in the Palestinian camps, as it employs more than five women trained in preparing food and sweets in the kitchen every month, and distributes hot meals on a daily basis to the needy families.

The campaign of employing Palestinian women depends mainly on the contributions of benefactors, and hopes that it will receive steadily and continuesly to continue the progress of achieving the goals it seeks to achieve.

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