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Nashet Youth Torch Team meets Hamas and the Palestinian People’s Party

In the context of communicating with the political and social forces in Ein El-Hilweh camp, two delegations from Nashet Youth Flame team  visited the headquarters of the People’s Palestinian Party and Hamas, where the first delegation met Mr. Omar Al-Naddaf, the official of the Palestinian People’s Palestinian Party in  Saida region and a member of the Palestinian political leadership in Saida , while the second delegation met By Mr. Abu Hussam Zuaiter, the political official of Hamas movement, where the discussion focused on the educational gap and the absence of UNRWA in light of the Corona pandemic and the difficult economic conditions that the Palestinian people are going through in Lebanon, they also talked about the dangers arising from the gap caused by the successive crises and the many days of disruption, not to mention the negative effects, which cannot be easily fixed without an educational strategy in which all social forces and stakeholders participate in saving the generations from ignorance and the loss of the future, stressing the need to pay attention to the file. The educational process and finding solutions, even partial, that contribute to improving it and raising the percentage of commitment to it, and the need to develop a plan that contributes to a gradual improvement in the educational process.

The meeting also included suggestions, including holding meetings with institutions that have academic support programs, with the educational council, and with kindergarten directors to improve the quality of education in the next stage because it is their responsibility to establish children because of its benefit in achieving better results that contribute to improving the educational file, and also enhance Cooperation and integration between the political leadership and the Palestinian community.



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