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Rooftop garden’s and External crops

The agricultural development work program in Social and Cultural Nashet Association continues to implement its plan for this year despite the conditions in the Palestinian camps, in order to emphasize the importance of health, food and environmental security. It is worth noting that the work team developed a plan to enhance crops in quantity and quality by investing the available places, and accordingly, more families were allowed to benefit from external agriculture, especially since there are families who cannot set up an agricultural tent on the roofs of their homes due to the narrow and small surface area. The working team in the agricultural program at this stage paid attention to short-term cultivation in preparation for the blessed month of Ramadan in order to facilitate and enable the beneficiary families to obtain the necessary basket of vegetables in the month of Ramadan. The crops included the cultivation of cauliflower, red cabbage, green cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, mint Onion, tomato and cucumber.

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