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Zewadetna successfully continues the “employment” campaign

The “employment “campaign in the Palestinian Kitchen (Zewadetna) continues its activities to collect contributions from Lebanese and Palestinian community actors for the fifth consecutive month to employ several Palestinian women to alleviate the burdens of the financial and economic crisis and the repercussions of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The “Employment” campaign was launched in August 2020, emphasizing the principle of social solidarity through Palestinian women’s support and enabling them to work daily in the Palestinian kitchen. The campaign was based on the contribution by purchasing food meals provided to needy families, and at the same time, securing a monthly pension for five women.

The total financial contributions amounted to 32,374,000 Lebanese pounds. In the past months, 35 women worked. The campaign program provided hundreds of hot meals to needy families. Due to the Corona epidemic outbreak, working women undergo PCR examinations as a preventive measure to achieve health security in work frameworks.

The campaign announced the intensification of its activities during the holy month of Ramadan to secure more contributions that enable the work team to provide meals to hundreds of needy families. It hopes that this month the campaign will receive additional contributions from community actors and business people.

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