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The Social and Cultural youth club held a discussion session through the Zoom app

The Social and Cultural Youth Club, affiliated with Nashet Association, organized a dialogue session though Zoom under the title of “Youth and Politics Between Gravity   and Negligence.” The session was moderated by the political activist and Director of the Development Center for Studies, Mr. Hisham Al-Dabsi, with the participation of 40 participants from different regions and nationalities.

The dialogue focused on the economic, health, and education Crises, also the crisis of the relations with the responsible Lebanese, Palestinian authorities, and the UNRWA. The participants addressed the need to understand and analyse the experiences that the Palestinian society went through.

Also the participants stressed on the need to launch youth initiatives towards a better future, work on improving the culture of dialogue, adhere to human rights including the right of expression and the right to peaceful demonstration, and develop the democratic situation in Palestinian society.

The participants expressed their eagerness to communicate with youth clubs in Lebanon and at the Palestinian national level.

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