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Nashet scout distributed masks and health tips in Ein El Helwieh Camp

After the increase of the number of Covid-19 cases in Ein El Helwieh Camp, Jeal Al Awda Regimemt of Nashet scouts organized an awareness checkpoints at the entrances of the camp. This checkpoint was for educating and warning people of the risk of this virus that is still killing societies, and informing them that fighting it is by taking prevention measures, wearing masks, and social distancing.
The scouters distributed upon the entrances of the camp with all preventive supplies. They set up a checkpoint to distribute leaflets and masks to pedestrians and cars, along with providing health instructions in order to prevent the “covid-19” virus.
This initiative was met with satisfaction by the people, who praised the intensification of preventive and indicative campaigns in the interest of the Palestinian people in the camps.


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