Youth Dialogue Café

The youth dialogue Cafe in Nashet association held a meeting through zoom application

At the invitation of the Nashet youth flame Team, affiliated with the Social and Cultural Nashet Association, the youth dialogue cafe held a meeting on the application of Zoom under the title “Youth Mobility and the Challenge of Change.” The meeting was moderated by the head of the administrative body of Nashet association, Dr. Zafer Al-Khatib, with tens of Palestinian and Lebanese youth from different regions.

During the meeting, the dialogue revolved around the role of youth in Palestinian society and the demand for rights in the absence of UNRWA and the Palestinian factions. It was confirmed that youth have an essential role in creating a state of change, renewal, and moving from one situation to another.

During the meeting, the youth also discussed the problems that the Palestinian people face in the camps in light of the current crisis from education to the economic situation, the spread of drug abuse, and the need for Palestinian security forces and factions to have a role in ending this phenomenon and the region with awareness campaigns.

The meeting participants emphasized that youth have an influential role in all demand movements, especially what happened previously during the popular movement against labor laws.

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