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Protecting Palestinian refugee children from disaster

One of the most prominent gaps in the Palestinian society is the absence of research studies capable of providing approximate but critical figures in determining the size of a phenomenon, whether it is describing the phenomenon or a type, by determining its depth and trends.

This includes the economic and social implications for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the psychological and behavioral implications in the medium and long term.

However, one of the most serious of these repercussions is the high rate of child labor, which any community actor can see with their naked eye. This matter is prominent among children of advanced age (14-17) and children at the age of 10-13.

This may be normal considering the economic crisis and financial collapse in Lebanon, which led to the high cost of living and the closure and dismissal of workers raising the unemployment rate. However, there is an additional and foremost reason that contributed to this; it is related to families’ inability to keep up with the education system remotely for the following year in a row.

This title may be missing from the UNRWA administration’s agenda in Lebanon, but why has it not yet deserved the attention of the Palestinian social forces?!.

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