Women Cooperative Societies (WCS)

Shanaa: Women’s initiatives in our Palestinian society deserves support

The official leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas,” Mr. Ayman Shanna, accompanied by Mr. Mohammad Abu Laila, the deputy political official leader in the region, visited the sections of the Palestinian kitchen. Then, they met working women and listened to their opinions and observations.

Dr. Ayman expressed his happiness with this visit. He said that after this generous invitation from Nashet organization to visit the Palestinian kitchen “Zewadetna,” reviewing the kitchen’s equipment, and its product, it’s a center of the Palestinian heritage. Hence it deserves support and deserves the Palestinian forces and factions to stand by your side.

The kitchen works to employ several women of our Palestinian people in Lebanon. It is an honor for the Palestinian women to stand beside the breadwinner of her family and to support a whole family. This work is in line with what the Palestinian women do at home, and we consider it a form of struggle.

Shanaa affirmed the importance of supporting this project and other projects that enhance the resilience of our women and their families.

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