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The crops have invaded the green roofs, making them more aesthetically pleasing and adorned with fruits

A month and a few days after the start of the current season’s planting in the project. Organic farming on the roofs of houses in the Socio-Cultural Nashet Association. Funded by Medico International which gave a green aesthetic on the roofs of fifty homes in Ein El-Helwieh camp. Cucumbers and sweet peppers have started ripening to increase the beauty of the scene and decorate it with the abundance of promised production to contribute to alleviating the suffocating economic crisis on the shoulders of the beneficiaries. What draws attention is the growth of seedlings, the speed of ripening of fruits, and all indicators that increase optimism for a rich season. This refutes the idea of ​​relying on chemicals to increase the yield. The project absolutely rejects the idea of ​​relying on any manufactured material because it is completely organic.

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