Youth Dialogue Café

Shana’a in the Youth Dialogue Café

Under the title of political forces and youth, the youth activist team organized the 18th session of the Youth Dialogue Café in the hall of the General Secretariat of the Palestine Liberation Front in Ain Al-Hilweh camp, and Mr. Salah Al-Youssef, a member of the Political Bureau of the Palestine Liberation Front, participated in it, in addition to the presence of a remarkable youth and representatives of the neighborhood committees.
The Lebanese media dialogue was moderated by Mr. Wafiq Hawari, who initiated the dialogue by posing the problematic question about the relationship between political forces and youth, then followed by the young man, Ali Falah, a member of the Shoala Youth Activist Team, who indicated that there is a kind of gap between political forces and youth and that this gap increases in light of the closure Political forces to the door of dialogue.
The main intervention was by Dr. Ayman Shana, a member of the Hamas leadership in Lebanon and its official in Sidon, who began his intervention by referring to the importance of dialogue and to the role played by an activist association in this context, welcoming any step in this context, and then he gave a presentation in which he addressed the vital role of youth in the struggle The Palestinian nationalist and all its levels, highlighting the overwhelming presence of youth at the level of resistance.
Dr. Ayman Shana’a indicated in his intervention that the Palestinian people are an integrated one, whether at the level of geography between the interior and the diaspora or at the level of social groups, and he dealt with what our people were subjected to in terms of attacks and plans targeting their unity and that the main role in thwarting these attacks and plots was for youth. Palestinian.
Shana’a supported the youth’s request to the Palestinian factions to give them a role. In his intervention, he said, “Frankly, we may be at one of the stations we practiced what some rulers of Arab countries have practiced. We sat in and clung to it and left the young men at one of the stations.
The Palestinian leader continued that the title should be addressed from both positive and negative perspectives. It is wrong to present the picture that the negative character has stamped the relationship between political forces and youth, and there are positives that must be built upon, especially since there are some forces that presented youth cadres who worked In various fields, this indicates successes that we must demonstrate.
Dr. Ayman addressed the role of youth in the popular uprising against the Minister of Labor’s decision, “Who blew in the camp grounds? And specifically here in the Ain al-Hilweh camp – when a march was launched that was almost all of the youth. ”He considered that it is the right of the youth to engage in constructive criticism of the factions as an acquired democratic right.
Dr. Ayman concluded his intervention by focusing on the reality of the suffering experienced by the Palestinians in Lebanon and the importance of alleviating this suffering by giving them the right to work. “The Palestinians are in real frameworks in order to prepare them for the liberation project.”
A large number of interventions were presented in the session, which emphasized the importance of giving young people great importance and the dangers of the absence of dialogue that deals with all issues of concern to our Palestinian people in Lebanon.

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