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Increasing agricultural knowledge and information for the beneficiaries Abundant yields and improvement in quality

The beneficiaries of The Food Security and Economic Empowerment project continue organic farming on rooftops in Nashet Social and Cultural Association. They also undergo periodic training workshops dedicated to increasing knowledge and information about the origins of seasonal agriculture and caring for it.

As a result of the emergency health conditions, the beneficiaries have been divided into groups. Each one receives an integrated training course in several periodic sessions deals with the behavior of plants and their needs accurately and in detail…each one separately.. and how to deal with it and secure its requirements properly.

Irrigation system in terms of timing and quantity

Insects that infect crops…their types and methods of preventions and local treatment in the event of their presence and spread. Types of diseases, ways to prevent them, and ways to treat them if they occur.

The session also included the importance of organic farming and the big quality differences with the commercial crops that depend on chemical growth for their growth, refuting the ideas of abundant crops and the importance of organic farming in preserving human health, protecting it from diseases, and purifying the environment.

As for the last topic, it’s about the most successful methods for maintaining food safety, methods of washing commercial crops, and how to sterilize them at a normal cost.

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