Planting Rooftops

Rooftops project at Nashet visiting the people’s committee

A delegation from the food security and economic empowerment project. Organic farming on the rooftops of Nashet association visited the People’s committee headquarters in Ein El Helwieh camp, they were welcomed by the secretary of the people’s committee Mr. Jamal Al Safadi.

 The delegation provided a full explanation of the project’s objectives represented in enabling the widest number of women and camp residents to possess information, experience and capabilities to practice agriculture in order to secure family self-sufficiency from needs leading to abundance and trade exchange to increase income.

The delegation also emphasized that spreading agricultural culture and raising the level of interest in it will lead to secure complete sufficiency for the entire camp in the event of concerted efforts.

In turn, Mr. Abo Salah praised the idea of the project and the steps taken, stressing the people’s committee to embrace to project and provide all the required assistance to make it successful and achieve its full goals.

He also stressed that the headquarters of the committee will be at the disposal of the project to spread all the information and knowledge and provide skills to people starting with the sector committees.

Mr. Jamal Safadi confirmed the keenness of the people’s committee in Ein El Helwieh to provide everything necessary for the project’s objectives and activities to reach the entire camp.

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