Palestine Girls Club (PGC)

Girls forming their Parliament and Choose the Government

Girls in the girls club conducted their right to elect in Sunday, the process run smoothly, starting from small workshop, that enabled them from understanding the importance of Parliament,  as an instrument to enhance the way of expression for girls, to improve their public personality, to root the democracy and dialogue… etc.

It was unique experience of them, there were a supervisors composed of the club coordinator, life skills trainers (2), social worker, psychiatric and volunteers, then a group of controller which control the process, the girls themselves.

Just 30 girls have the right to participate, due to their age. Supervising committee gave time to free candidate, then the process started, first to elect parliament chief, they elected  LAYAL SEDEK, she is an active member in the club,  participates in many sections, and has a good relation with all of the members, more over she has a strong personality.

The second part of such democracy process was to elect the government members, 9 girls decided to be in the competition to occupy six seat in the girls government , finally, six girls win, as mentioned in the first low, the government will exercise its responsibilities and concerns for three months, and the parliament has the right to present or prevent trustee of any member in the government.

According to the constitutional low of the club, the election will be conducted each three time, this will give girls an experience of exercising leadership. The girl which attain highest votes became as prime minister.

The government members:

  • Domou Alfares (pm)
  • Rawan Al sayed
  • Dania Thebesh
  • Norhan Al sholy
  • Raneem mostafa
  • Malveena Al shooly
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