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    Nashet scout celebrates” laylat al qadr”

    The Generation of Return Scout Regiment, affiliated with the Cultural and Social Nashet Association, participated in a massive march on the occasion of the blessed Night of Destiny, as part of the “Sidon Ramadan City” activities. The march moved through the streets of the city among crowds of citizens, during which Scout flags and banners bearing Quranic verses were raised, in addition to displaying models inspired by the blessed night and the holy month. The march carried a symbolic message for the city of Sidon, with the participation of all the scout associations present in the city and the neighbourhood.…

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  • The return​ оf dialogue: Nashet’s women resume discussion groups

    In order​ tо restore the pace​ оf communication and discussion, Nashet Association announces the resumption​ оf the discussion sessions​ оf the women’s committue after​ a period​ оf forced cessation,​ as​ a result​ оf the recent security crisis that the region witnessed. The members​ оf the administrative body and the coordinators expressed their optimism and enthusiasm for the resumption​ оf these activities that enhance communication with the women​ оf the association, and also enhance the role​ оf women​ іn society,​ by following​ a plan that includes several topics for discussion, which are organized​ оn​ a long-term basis. This step comes within the framework​ оf the association’s efforts​ tо restore…

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  • invitation of a price quote

    As part of the “Establishing an alternative, ecological and sustainable urban agriculture in the Ein el Hilweh refugee camp” which is carried out in partnership with Medico International and funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany) BMZ. Social and Cultural Nashet Association announces: the invitation of a price quote for the supply and installation of shaded green houses For more information, please email us at [email protected]. Phone number 70831908. Those wishing to participate in the aforementioned offer who are highly qualified and experienced in supplying the required needs must receive the bid forms starting from the…

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  • Nablus school organizes an open day with the partnership with Nashet association

    Nablus school organized an open day for its students in cooperation with volunteers from Nashet Association on Saturday morning on 13/4/2019. The open day included entertainment games – competitive games – face drawing – wall painting – guessing games and songs, psychosocial support and many targeted games.  

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