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Nashet revives 13 years of establishment in Kfar-Sir

Nashet association revived nashet annual day by a journey to Kfar-Sir with the presence of the administrative body, nashet scout leaders, Palestinian girls club, Basma amal club, Palestinian children club, women cooperatives and nashet youth flame team on Sunday 28, April 2019.

Upon arrival Dr. Zafer Al Khateab, the chairman of the administrative body of the association talked about the value and the importance of reviving the event and until now, thirteen years since the establishment of the association and carried out hundreds of activities. The title was always Palestine where the one and the only heart for nashet is Palestine.

The journey involved entertaining recreational competitions and an atmosphere of affection and love among participants.

At the end of the trip, the association honored its president, Dr. Zafer Al Khateab, the Director of Women’s Cooperatives Wafaa Issa, the Head of Media Authority Ahmad Al-Sari and the coordinator of the English Language Club Layal Saddeak.


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