Nashet Youth Torch Team

Nashet Youth Troch Team Welcomes Ramadan and denounces the UNRWA Carelessly

Nashet Youth Troch Team organized a youth march as a welcome for the month of welfare tolerance and social solidarity which roamed the streets of Ein El Helwieh Camp on Thursday morning, during which the team held banners of Ramadan welcoming, and wishes of health, wellness and protection to the people of the camp.

Also, the march condemned the policy of indecision and exercised practiced from the UNRWA towards our people in these tragic and bad circumstances that reaches the limit of ignoring their role and denying its goals.

Nashet Youth distributed brochures for people. The text of the brochures were:” Nashet Youth Troch team extended their warmest congratulations to all Palestinians especially in camps of diaspora for the start of Ramadan month within our wishes to be these blessed days an end to COVID-19 Virus, where we are surprised by UNRWA’S silence and indifference. We call all our people in the camps to express their condemnation of UNRWA’S position as it fit”.



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