Nashet Youth Torch Team

Social and Youth Cultural Forum in youth seminar about “Immigration “

Social and youth Cultural Forum in the Nashet association organized a seminar under the title of ‘’Immigration” in Al Muna Café. The coordinator of the youth cultural and social Forum Abed Alhadi Bader started with welcoming the attendance with in confirming the importance of this topic.

Then the founder of “We Exist” campaign led the session where she started with the significance of these seminars to create conservation and common language between youth to unify efforts in youth issues, problems and interests within obtaining its importance in this tough stage.

The seminar continues for two hours and a half in an atmosphere of participation, activeness and interaction, the seminar were about immigration for finding jobs to improve the living standards, searching for a better life and escaping from the bad circumstances that maybe have negative or positive effects on the countries migrating from and immigrating to. These phenomena’s started growing.


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