Nashet Youth Torch Team

Under the title of the positive of the youth… obstacles and solutions

Nashet youth torch team organized the 9th  session of the youth round table at Al Yousef hall in Ein El Helwieh Camp with the participation of representatives of neighborhood committees, emergency centers and sports clubs as well as remarkable youth presence.

Dr. Intisar Al Dannan led the round table, who welcomed the audience by highlighting that youth has a great and important role in the development and building of societies. Therefore, youth are the pillars of any nation and the basis for development in it and they are the ones who carry out social and economic development and initiatives.

A large number of interventions were presented in the session which emphasized the importance of giving young people a great importance and role, and establishing clubs and societies concerned with youth, in addition to launching an initiative on behalf of Palestinian youth to highlight their role in society.

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