Nashet Youth Torch Team

Nashet youth torch team continues in the anti-shooting campaign in events

A delegation from nashet youth torch team met neighborhood committees in Hitteen, Alzeab, Ghwear abu shusha in Ein El Helwieh camp to work on the phenomenon of shooting in events which is offensive to our people and our nation.

And the meeting came in the context of a tour that will conclude all neighborhood committees for the importance of their roles, also Ahmad Al Sari, nashet youth torch team coordinator confirmed that our role in this campaign is to face this serious phenomenon in a partnership with the Political Leaders, the Joint Security Force, the National Security and the Popular and Institutional frame works.

Nashet youth torch team aspire from this campaign existence of the public awareness to face this phenomenon, where it’s side effects affect all residents of the camp and its surroundings.

And the committees of partitions and neighborhood thanked Nashet youth torch team for this brilliant gesture that serves the interest of our people and our camp.

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